Stay Ahead with Our Cloud Business Phone System:

Business service is constantly moving forward. The key to staying ahead is to have access to the latest phone system features as soon they are available, at little or no additional cost. You don’t have to perform any special maintenance or system upgrades to receive the latest updates. Aceback can keep you on top of the latest developments in PBX technology entirely from remote, starting today with the features listed below.

A Cloud Business Phone System is an IP phone system which includes a virtual PBX utilizing your local Internet Access to communicate with the phone system collocated in a secure data center.  Our Cloud Phone System includes in most cases, more features than a traditional on premise based phone system and is a faction of the cost.  Our Cloud Business Phone System works with most all new models of Polycom IP phones.  Our Cloud Business Phone System eliminates the need to buy bulky, expensive  equipment such as a traditional PBX or IP PBX, servers, Fax machines etc...  Instead, the equipment is in a collocated data center.  Our Cloud Business Phone System can use 1 phone or 10,000 phones.  The only equipment required are Polycom IP phones and maybe a QoS Router which are all available through Aceback.

In working with an Aceback telecom professional, the setup has the advantage of being very easy to predict in terms of cost of operation, it is also easier to install the equipment.  Our Cloud Business Phone System solution cuts operating expenses substantially, such as your phone bill and IT costs.   Your company is able to keep its existing phone numbers, and can obtain new phone numbers for whatever area (s) requested.   All phone calls are made through your internet connection.   If you need an internet connection or an upgrade, Aceback can provide you with High Speed Internet Access.

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Ring as many phones as you want, including your business or smart phone. Use your phone anywhere you have a broadband connection.  Travel with your phone, and use it anywhere there is high speed internet access or download the smartphone app.
Dynamic Auto Attendant:
Your auto attendant welcomes your callers and guides them to the appropriate employee or department. Upload your custom greeting through the web, record it over the phone, or enlist the aid of our professional voice talents to create a recording for you.
Recorded Calls:
 Record some or all of the calls you receive, whether for employee training purposes or to protect your business against disputes and misunderstandings.  Access these recordings any time through your Internet Control Panel, or have them delivered to you as an email attachment.